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The availability of warm, running water is a necessity in every household. From laundry and dishwashing to showers and hand-washing, we all use warm water at least once or twice a day. This brings out a clearer picture of how important a water heater is in our day-to-day activities. 

Due to its frequent use, your water heater is prone to wear out after some time. Many things might trigger this, including the tank’s age or the usage strain. When your water heater breaks down, you can take it to a professional for repair or replace it. Below are a few signs your water heater needs a replacement. 

Leaking Water Heater

Everything has its life expectancy, and so do our water heaters. When a water heater has served you long enough, sometimes, it starts to leak. The easiest way to spot this is a constant drip or wet floor around the tank. A damp floor simply means your tank is leaking. Although the dripping starts small, with time, it can cause significant damage to your property.

 The major cause of water leaks is the expansion of the metal in the tank. The multiple heating of the tank triggers these expansions. This can lead to fractures that leak water in every heating cycle. The leak may be easy to fix initially, but it will only delay the inevitable replacement. 

An Aging System

The life expectancy of a standard water heater is 10-15 years, depending on the brand and frequency of use. If it’s older than that, it is advisable to replace it even if it’s in good working condition. This will help you prevent emergencies that come with an old water heater. To determine the efficiency of your system, check its brand name and serial number. 

Most of the serial number indicates the month and year your water heater was manufactured. “A” stands for January, while “L” stands for December. The following two numbers indicate the manufacturing year. For instance, “L20” indicates your water heater system was manufactured in December 2020. 

Rusty Water Inlet Valve

Steel might be the strongest material on earth, but it has a serious downside: rust. Although corrosion starts as a small spot on a steel surface, it spreads quickly. Rust is the best warning sign for a faulty water tank or pipe made of steel. Most of the time, rust indicates an oncoming leak.

It can be challenging to tell whether the warning is from the water pipes or the heater. However, it’s still a significant issue that should be addressed immediately for the safety and hygiene of your household. 

Not Enough Hot Water

Poor maintenance and old age can cause sediment buildup in your tank, reducing capacity. The build-up of sediments of minerals and chemicals in the water can cause system breaking down and corrosion. The deposits and other particles can build up over time, reducing the water available in the tank. 

You might also experience short periods of running hot water, slightly warm or no hot water. This becomes even more alarming if you still pay as much for your energy bills as you did before the problem started. The problem might be caused by a broken element in the system which might be very expensive to repair. 

Water Heater Noise

Another warning sign of a faulty water heater is a strange noise from the tank. When heating water, the noise emanating from your water heater becomes louder and louder as it ages. The problem is more pronounced in homes that consume much hot water. There are many causes of this strange noise, the most common being hardened sediment hitting against the tank. 

If the sediments are not flushed out on time, they form a thick and hard floor at the bottom of the tank. This will wear the water heater down, making it less efficient and accelerating the damage to the tank. 

Too Many Repairs

Water heaters are very sensitive and might require repairs once in a while. However, if the repairs become more frequent, this is a warning sign that the water heater is worn out. To avoid emergency calls and significant damage to your property, it is advisable to replace it with a new system. At the same time, frequent repairs will become expensive and might not solve the problem.

A water heater is an imperative system in every home and should always be in good working order. Contact Total Home Solutions for reliable installation and maintenance services. 

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